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“When I made the decision to join Arx in September of 2020, I had no intention of staying long. I figured I would try it out for a few months and quit like I had done at every single gym I’ve joined. But something felt different this time. Maybe it was Marcy’s warm embrace and encouraging words my first day. Maybe it was the amazing team of coaches and their refusal to let me quit. Whatever it was, something had clicked and I knew this time was different.

At that time, I just wanted to be healthy for my daughters, for my husband but most importantly, for myself. Now, almost a year later, I can confidently say that I am well on my way! I am consistent with my training and nutrition, I am active with my family and I feel good in my skin.

I thank Arx for this gift and look forward to continuing on this journey to be the best version of myself!”

Megan’s story

“Working out has been a big part of my routine since being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2001. At that time I remember someone telling me ” a body in motion stays in motion” and it stuck with me. Over the years, I have tried and appreciated all types of gym settings and routines from yoga to boxing. However, over time injuries surfaced. I started to avoid anything but running because these injuries would flair and keep me uncomfortable for days on end.

But then… Crossfit? Sounds weird right!? I have injuries so I went to a stereotypically extreme workout? Guys! What a transition for me…

One pandemic day, I decided I need to get out of the house and do something new. The internet led me to Crossfit Arx, a short 1.5 miles from home. So, I email them and make appointment to meet with an ARX Coach
During my super chill meeting , we discussed my physical and mental concerns, strengths, and limitations. After only 2 months of working out with great coaches and a super nice, non judgmental group of people, I had already improved my areas of injury concern and have felt so much stronger overall.

Throughout my time at Crossfit ARX I have learned the following:

Gym stereotypes have a place- they are not at Crossfit ARX

Limitations also have their place- only in your mind.

I am thankful for Crossfit Arx for sure!!”

Jeanette’s story

“The pandemic and the lockdown impacted me physically and emotionally in ways that were indescribable. I had returned to my private practice in May 2020 to help those with mental health and substance use disorders and still faced so much uncertainty. I knew that it had been months since I had taken care of myself physically and emotionally and that at some point my well would run dry and I would struggle to help my clients work through their challenges. I set out to improve my physical and mental health last November 2020. I joined Crossfit Arx, a bit skeptical if it would be a good fit for me. I have been to several CrossFit gyms since 2012 and Crossfit Arx is the first one that truly feels like home. Lauren is a kind and compassionate leader which makes all the difference but don’t think for a second that she won’t push you to work hard! Her coaches are also amazing! My physical and emotional health have improved tremendously and I am forever grateful for Crossfit Arx’s integral part on my journey to wellness.”

Elie’s story

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